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Every Saturday at 9:15 AM!


CrossFit is a sixty-minute, full-body workout. Training is led by professional Coaches who hold you accountable for achieving your goals. 

CrossFit Class >> Tight Five CrossFit >> Findlay, Ohio


The Strength & Gains class is designed to help you build lean muscle and overall body strength while practicing correct strength training techniques.

Fundamentals Class >> Tight Five CrossFit >> Findlay, Ohio

Strength & Cardio

Great to throw in the mix with your regular CrossFit classes, this class will help you improve your ability across all areas of fitness – speed, strength, endurance, power, and coordination. 

Strength & Cardio >> Tight Five CrossFit >> Findlay, Ohio

Strength & Gains

Whether you are completely new to working out, a seasoned athlete, or somewhere in between,  at Tight Five CrossFit, you’ll find a class or program perfect for helping you achieve your fitness goals and a community unlike any other that is cheering you on every step of the way.

Strength & Gains >> Tight Five CrossFit >> Findlay, Ohio


Similar to the CrossFit class, the Oiler Fit sessions will include a warm-up and strength session followed by a WOD. However, the strength session in this program will specifically follow the Wendler 5/3/1 strength cycle.

Tight Five CrossFit >> Oiler Fit Class


ROMWOD is a class that focuses on soft tissue work, stretching, and flexibility techniques to help improve your range of motion.

ROMWOD >> Tight Five CrossFit >> Findlay, Ohio


This free class is for anyone interested in trying out CrossFit for the first time. All experience levels are welcome (even if you have are brand new to exercising).

Free Community Workout >>Tight Five CrossFit >> Findlay, Ohio
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